Truth & Reconciliation Workshop


November 19, 2018 

1-4 pm

Location: Regina Multipurpose Room, First Nations University of Canada

Cost: $90 (includes parking and snacks)

Cutoff for Registration: Friday, November 16 (seating is limited)


What exactly is Truth & Reconciliation and what does it mean in our workplaces?

Feel comfortable discussing Aboriginal issues that are relevant to us both personally and professionally at a joint CPRS/IABC/Regina program on Monday, November 19 at First Nations University of Canada.

As a participant, you will be drawn in through interactive games, quizzes and the use of humour, making for a pleasant learning experience. Your participation is key to the program’s success.

Our facilitator is John Lagimodiere, a well-respected entrepreneur who has been hosting Aboriginal awareness seminars for a variety of organizations since 1998. John is a member of the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan.

What you will learn:

  • Terminology and stereotypes
  • Demographics
  • Socioeconomic issues
  • Treaty exercises on such topics as residential schools, taxation, education, housing and justice
  • History around The Indian Act
  • Employment (hiring and retention) and workplace protocols
  • How to include in communication strategies and events

In our busy and complex workplaces, this workshop on Truth & Reconciliation will allow participants to ask the questions they might have feared but need/want to know when working with Aboriginal and Métis colleagues, hiring, incorporating into communication strategies or planning special events.

We will see you on November 19!

Bring your questions as we discuss incorporating into our day to day communications work! 


Public Relations Knowledge Exam: Your Entry Into Practice

Recent public relations and communications graduates and current junior-level practitioners will soon have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, in written form. The CPRS National Council on Education is in the process of developing the first-ever standardized public relations exam in Canada. The Public Relations Knowledge™ (PRK) exam will be available in classrooms across the country this spring. 

The University of Regina is the PRK exam location in Regina.

Companies that receive a high number of job applications have indicated they look for more reliable methods of assessing prospective and newly hired employees. After successfully completing the PRK exam, individuals will be able to set themselves apart from other applicants with this resumé builder. They will be able to enter the job market with increased confidence and be received with added respect.

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CPRS National Conference

The 2019 CPRS National Conference, Evolving Expectations, will be held in Edmonton, AB. 

Next year’s theme will allow us to step back and rethink communications – taking authentic communication from spin to sincerity. It’s a back to the basics approach to the skills we need to evolve and shape the future of public relations.

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CPRS 2019 National AGM