Welcome to CPRS Regina

 Warm Greetings to CPRS Regina and all Saskatchewan-based CPRS members!

We hope everyone has been keeping warm as the new year has been chilly.

We want to welcome our new Director-at-Large, Grant Bastedo, APR. Grant is the Principle behind Takt Communications and a long-time CPRS member. Welcome Grant!

We also want to say goodbye to our Board member, Alan Clay, APR. Alan has been a Director-at-Large with CPRS Regina for the last 2 1/2 years. We thank him for his service with us and wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors in Edmonton.

CPRS National is launching a friendly competition for all CPRS members! The member who recruits the most members between now and March 31st will win a free CPRS National Conference registration to CPRS Edmonton’s Evolving Expectations. In the event of a tie, CPRS National will place all the names in a draw and a random winner will be drawn.

We want to remind members about the CPRS Referral Program as this is a newly added incentive to the credits they can accumulate in this program. In order for the National Office to track members whom have been referred, members must have their names placed on the referral section of the membership form.

As always, CPRS National has many webinars that CPRS members can interact and participate. These are available on the Bill Rees Learning Centre.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email any of the CPRS Regina Board members for more information. Volunteers are how local associations like ours are able to put on professional development events for members so if you are interested in more PD, please consider volunteering.

Working with CPRS National, CPRS Regina hopes to build more sustainability in our Local Chapter. I encourage members to contact myself or any of the other directors with feedback on what we can do to meet your professional needs.

On behalf of your #CPRSproud Board, we are looking forward to a winter of learning and networking!

Michelle, Natalie, Heather, Ariane, Grant and Alan