Welcome to CPRS Regina

 Dear CPRS Regina members,

This is a Call For Nominations to serve as officers and directors of Canadian Public Relations Society - Regina (CPRS Regina) for 2017-18. The Board of Directors will be elected at the Annual General Meeting on October 5, 2017. Please RSVP to the AGM no later than Wednesday, Septembe 27, 2017 to cprsreginarsvp@gmail.com

**Nominations should be submitted to Robert (Bob) Ellis, APR (rwellis@myaccess.ca) no later than Wednesday, September 27, 2017.


Elections will be held for the following positions:

* President

* Vice-President

* Administration

* Finance

* Directors

* Student Representative (subject to change)


There is no absolute restriction on the number of at-large directors. By custom, they have usually numbered at least five. Directors are expected to assume one of the following portfolios:

* Membership

* Interactive Media

* Events/Marketing

* Recruitment/Retention

* Programming

A brief description of the above portfolios are not limited to but include the following:


Director of Membership

  • Assists with membership questions and concerns
  • Maintains local society distribution list
  • Sends welcome message to new members
  • Liaise with National on memberships
  • Creates and distributes PD promotion poster to members

Director of Interactive Media

  • Updates and maintains CPRS Regina website (TBD)
  • Updates and maintains CPRS Regina Facebook group, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Research and implement other interactive and social media outlets for local society upon recommendation

Director of Events & Marketing

  • Liaise with designated venue for PD sessions
  • Order food, ensure appropriate audio-visual equipment is ordered
  • In charge of projector and set-up at the PD session if need be
  • In charge of pop-up banners and set-up at PD sessions
  • Assists Recruitment & Retention Director, Program Director and Administration with various tasks??

Director of Recruitment & Retention

  • Recruit new members using strategic methods
  • Retain current members (work with Membership Director on lapsed memberships)?
  • Create and update strategic plan for portfolio??

Director of Programming

  • Responsible for helping to create a speakers list for the year?
  • Assist in contacting speakers and book them respectively for their designated PD session?
  • Ensures duplication of speakers does not occur with IABC Regina in the same year or in recent years past?
  • Assists Director of Events & Marketing with needs of the designated speaker??


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 CPRS Regina Board