Welcome to CPRS Regina


Hello CPRS Regina and all Saskatchewan CPRS members,

The call for nominations to serve on the CPRS Regina Board is now closed. The Board of Directors will be elected at the Annual General Meeting on September 12, 2018. 

Watch your email for more information on the election of the board.

The AGM is at The Lobby at 6pm. Join us as we update members on the last year, announce the board, catch up with everyone and discuss the upcoming year! 


Elections will be held for the following positions:

* President

* Vice-President

* Administration

* Finance

* Directors

* Student Representative (subject to change)


There is no absolute restriction on the number of at-large directors. By custom, they have usually numbered at least five. Directors are expected to assume one of the following portfolios:

* Membership

* Interactive Media

* Events/Marketing

* Recruitment/Retention

* Programming

A brief description of the above portfolios are not limited to but include the following:


Director of Membership

* Assists with membership questions and concerns

* Maintains local society distribution list

* Sends welcome message to new members

* Liaise with National on memberships

* Creates and distributes PD promotion poster to members


Director of Interactive Media

* Updates and maintains CPRS Regina website (TBD)

* Updates and maintains CPRS Regina Facebook group, LinkedIn and Twitter

* Research and implement other interactive and social media outlets for local society upon recommendation


Director of Events & Marketing

* Liaise with designated venue for PD sessions

* Order food, ensure appropriate audio-visual equipment is ordered

* In charge of projector and set-up at the PD session if need be

* In charge of pop-up banners and set-up at PD sessions

* Assists Recruitment & Retention Director, Program Director and Administration with various tasks??


Director of Recruitment & Retention

* Recruit new members using strategic methods

* Retain current members (work with Membership Director on lapsed memberships)?

* Create and update strategic plan for portfolio??


Director of Programming?

* Responsible for helping to create a speakers list for the year?

* Assist in contacting speakers and book them respectively for their designated PD session?

* Ensures duplication of speakers does not occur with IABC Regina in the same year or in recent years past?

* Assists Director of Events & Marketing with needs of the designated speaker??


We look forward to seeing everyone in September. Enjoy the rest of your summer,



Michelle, Natalie, Heather, Ariane and Alan (your CPRS Regina Board)