Welcome to CPRS Regina

CPRS Regina and all Saskatchewan CPRS Members!

Hello CPRS Regina and all Saskatchewan Members!

We thank everyone who attended our June webinar. It was a success with lots of discussion among the attendees. It is available on our events page

CPRS Regina is currently working on finalizing our plan for the upcoming 2020-2021 year. Stayed tuned for more information from us. We will be sending out a call for nominations for the CPRS Regina Board in August via email. 

Save the date: CPRS Regina’s AGM is on September 15, 2020. We will have more information available when we send out the nominations emails. 

Please reach out at any time cprsreginapresident@gmail.com.  

On behalf of the #CPRSproud Board, we encourage everyone to stay safe and hope summer is treating you well,


Michelle, Natalie, Heather, Bill, Rebecca and Lara