Welcome to CPRS Regina

Warm summer greetings to CPRS Regina and all Saskatchewan-based CPRS members!

IAP2 has some PD events coming up in Regina. Check them out here.

Summer is a great time to catch up on your PD. Visit the Bill Rees Learning Centre for the archived webinars hosted over the last year. 

Keep an eye out for summer patio visits with us in July and August. More information will be posted through our social media channels closer to the day. 

Following the national conference and agm, CPRS National has several updates.

The National Board was pleased to introduce the complete three-year Strategic Plan 2019-21, which will guide our pursuit of the 4 Cs comprising our Strategic Goals: Community, Collaboration, Conscience and Careers. The complete plan can be found on the website in English and French.

They welcomed our new National President, Victor Vrsnik, MCM, APR, FCPRS and Vice-President and Treasurer, Wayne Knorr, APR.  Following a close election, Kim Blanchette, APR, FCPRSLisa Covens and Matt Wood, APR will fill the vacancies created by the departures of Jane Adams, APR, Dana Dean, APR, FCPRS LM, and Everett Martin. Finally, Sarah Hanel, MBA, APR has decided to step down from the Board, so she can serve on the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communications Management’s Board of Directors. 

Be sure to check out the highlights from the National Conference in Edmonton.

Day One - Drum this into your heads - the times, and The Times, they are a changin’ and

Day Two - Trust me, I’m a celebrity from the Internet.

Congratulations to the following Major or Special Award winners this year.

o   Elizabeth Hirst, APR, FCPRS LM – Outstanding Achievement Award

o   Jane Adams, APR – Lamp of Service

o   Sarah K. Jones, APR, FCPRS LM – Philip A. Novikoff Memorial Award

o   Cam McAlpine, APR  – Shield of Public Service

o   Taylor Fenn – CPRS/CISION Student Award of Excellence

o   Michael Robinson – Joan Hollobon Award

If you are interested in volunteering, please email any of the CPRS Regina Board members for more information. We will be opening up nominations for the CPRS Regina Board before September. Consider becoming a part of the board or let if you would like to help with a PD event. How we are able to grow and put on professional development events is based on our volunteers.

Working with CPRS National, CPRS Regina hopes to build more professional association sustainability in our local chapter. I encourage members to contact myself or any of the other directors with feedback.

On behalf of your #CPRSproud Board, we hope you have a wonderful summer. 

Michelle, Natalie, Heather, Ariane, and Grant