CPRS Regina

Are you thinking about pursuing a PR-related career or taking your current one to the next level? Check out these helpful resources, below, for inspiration. 



Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) National Office

Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management (CPRS is a part of the GA)

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Institute for Public Relations

CNW Group


Associated Press

Reuters Canada

Bravo Tango



Books in Communications, PR and Marketing to include on your bookshelf:

From the Dec 10, 2020 CPRS Reads Series, below is a list of books provided by Dr. Jerome Cranston.


For adults:


For children & youth:



University of Regina 


First Nations University of Canada


Saskatchewan Polytechnic


University of Saskatchewan

For more information on PR studies in Canada, please visit the CPRS National website.